Francese Vase
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Francese Vase


The Francese Vase is from the Boutique Terracotta Collection and is imported from Impruneta, Italy and therefore the best in the world. Handmade in historic workshops by Impruneta's most celebrated artisans, our terracottas are untouchable in both quality and beauty and frost proof to -20° Fahrenheit. These beautiful pots are handmade in the original molds that were made by great masters in the 1800’s. Each work is expertly finished by today’s brilliant craftsmen using fine tools and requiring enormous skill and patience. These vases are distinguished by their splendid forms and clean lines. The exquisite handmade beauty is unsurpassable, an Heirloom. For extra large designs that require freight shipping, there may be additional charges depending upon location.

29" x 28" H x 25" Inner Dia.


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