Molded Rolled Rim Vase
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Molded Rolled Rim Vase


The Molded Rolled Rim Vases are simply the finest terracotta molded rolled rim planters available. Imported from Impruneta, Italy and therefore the best in the world. In our Molded Collection, the clay is pounded by hand into molds. After about twenty-four hours, the mold is removed. A potter then finishes the pot with hand tools. They are top quality Impruneta pots, exquisite, beautiful and durable, an Heirloom. Available in four sizes. For extra large designs that require freight shipping, there may be additional charges depending upon location.

Size Our Price Sale Price Qty
Molded Rolled Rim Vase 24
28" x 19"H x 24" ID
Molded Rolled Rim Vase 28
32" x 24"H x 28" ID
Molded Rolled Rim Vase Grande 32
38" x 29"H x 32" ID
Molded Rolled Rim Vase Grande 36
40" x 32"H x 36" ID


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