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Tall Cabbage Pot Set of 4
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Tall Cabbage Pot Set of 4

The Tall Cabbage Pot Set of 4 are stunning foursome of Asian world pots. Standout pots, planted inside or outdoors, on a patio, deck or in a garden. This set of 4 planters in 4 sizes creates a 4 tier arrangement that is stunning anywhere. Finely crafted in terra cotta. These planters are distinguished by their splendid forms and clean lines. Guaranteed outdoor durability. Shown in Asian Earthenware finish. Color finishes are hand applied and may vary making each piece unique.

Each set has four sizes:
26" Dia x 22" H
21.25" Dia x 17.75" H
17.5" Dia x 14.25" H
13.5" Dia x 11" H
wt: 229 lbs

Item #: HFCP834162704



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